11 May 2011


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I intend to still update this blog with drawings, news and bric-a-brac.

25 August 2010

Amazing Physics Gouache, Graphite on Paper 13x20" 2010

A Birchfield Variation Gouache on Paper 11x16" 2010

To Sandia National Labs with Love and Squalor Graphite, ink, carbon on Paper 8x10" 20010

untitled Gouache on Paper 11x16" 2010

Real Heavies Graphite on paper, Vial of butterfly bodies, Meteorites 8x8" 2010

Several Differnces Between Knowing and Believing Gouache on Paper 11x16" 2010

XtraXperiMental Gouache and Graphite on Paper 11x16" 2010

10 November 2009

Images from 2009 studio installation

22 March 2009

The following images are from a project at a space in Long Island City February 2009:

mixed media on paper, acrylic paint on wall

01 February 2009

Images from the group show Word Up curated by Adam Eckstrom at Broadway Gallery in New York January 2009:

Terminus of Continental Melter

a detail

a detail

Regional Information- Part 1 (Kings Park)

15 December 2008

Images from a group show Dialect at Broadway Gallery December 2008.



"360 degree view of terminal moraine ridge and out wash plain"

26 October 2008

2008 Drawings

Colloquialisms: terms and conditions Graphite, Ink on Paper 30x22"

Punctuality Graphite, Gouache on Paper, 8.5x 12”

Emily Dickenson in the Painted Desert Graphite on Paper, 30x22”
All the way to Silver City Graphite, Gouache on Paper, 8.5x 12”

Autonomy Graphite on Paper, 30x22”

The Proprietary Emergence of Complex Vascular Foliage, Graphite on Paper, 30x22”

Semi-Annual Graphite on Paper,17x13.5”

Negligable amounts of exposed olivine Gouache, Graphite on Paper

Lovesick Teenage Death Leap Gouache, Graphite on Paper,

Extrovert II Ink, Acrylic on Paper, 8.5x 12”

Extrovert I Ink on Paper, 8.5x 12”

New Hampshire Gouache, Graphite on Paper, 5x8”

Sanctuarium Gouache, Ink, Graphite on Paper,16x16”

Killjoy and Poise Gouache, Ink, Graphite on Paper,17x13.5”

Bog Standard Gouache, Graphite on Paper,11x8.5”

Some of these are currently in the flat-files at Pierogi 2000 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY